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What Is A Field Service?

Local, state and federal agencies — as well as private investors — require that mortgage servicers maintain and preserve the integrity of the properties associated with their loans. A local or regional field service company either provides the physical inspection and property preservation services needed to meet those requirements or manages a network of people that perform the work.

For servicers with loans in multiple states, finding and using individual field service companies in each region can be a time-consuming, costly process. Lender Processing Services Filed Services (LPSFS) provides innovative, cost-effective solutions.

The LPSFS Advantage
LPSFS is a national field service company dedicated to assisting mortgage servicers meet loan servicing requirements. We have the skilled staff and advanced information technology to coordinate and provide field services in every state and locality where you service loans.

Our nationwide network of skilled independent inspectors and contractors can provide a variety of detailed information about a property such as occupancy status, present condition and identification of damage. They can also recommend and perform all of the work necessary to preserve and protect a property's integrity according to any government and/or investor guidelines that apply.

Our comprehensive services, state-of-the-art technology and proven processes are designed to speed your orders every step of the way and provide the current, high quality information and services you need — right when you need them.

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